Payment Processing Solutions for Emerging and High-Risk Businesses

Affordable, Reliable and Transparent Digital Commerce Services for Underserved Industries

Now more than ever, merchants need the ability to accept credit or debit cards or they could face losing out on valuable sales. However, if your line of business has been classified as a high-risk industry, it's not that easy to find a provider that will process your card transactions.

Businesses that are often considered as high-risk and generally have a difficult time establishing banking and payment processing relationships operate in markets such as:

    • CBD
    • Telemedicine/Pharmacies
    • Credit Repair
    • Online Gaming
    • Online Marketplace

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How MerchantE Can Help 

Instead of having to off-shore your payment processing services or deal with high and hidden fees, MerchantE now offers reliable and affordable financial services to high-risk businesses through a new partnership with Fresno First Bank. Many businesses in sectors labeled high-risk, struggled to secure payment processing, and now have the opportunity to expand their business and increase profits using our end-to-end payment platform.

Unlike some payment processing companies, our platform is directly connected to the major card brands. We remove the need for a middleman and make it easy to satisfy the full range of in-person and online payment processing needs for your business, helping to facilitate one-time and recurring payments and securely store payment card data for returning customers. We’re pleased to offer our customers advanced security supported by proprietary tokenization services.

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Get in touch with one of our specialists to learn more about our payment processing services for high-risk merchants.

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If you're a CBD merchant, view this data sheet to learn more about our payment acceptance solutions for your industry.

The Power to Do More to Grow Your Business

Our end-to-end Payment Platform gives you the flexibility and security you need as your business grows. With MerchantE you are now able to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, UnionPay and ACH payments without any hassles. The result? Better options, and more time to spend with your customers.

*UnionPay is not available for CBD and Online Gaming merchants.

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