MerchantE Payment Extension for

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provides Payment Processing and more

Accept payments right within the Magento checkout and invoice screens.

We’ve made it easier to bring Money IN™ to your business with more flexibility to choose the tools you need to maximize your cash flow—and we integrate with Magento to make it seamless for you and frictionless for your customers.

PaymentGatewayPayment Platform
Accept all major credit, debit, and pre-paid cards—all-in-one payment processor from authorization to settlement to reporting.

cost saving imageCost-saving Options
If you conduct B2B or B2G transactions, you may be eligible for our Interchange Optimization program.

Recurring BillingRecurring Billing 
Streamline the payment process for your customers with automated recurring billing for subscriptions, membership services and more.

Acount Updater ServiceAccount Updater Service
Ensure that cards on file are up to date, minimizing disruption to recurring revenue and saving time spent contacting customers for new card details.

Extensive reporting about all your transaction data accessible right within Magento.


Customer Support 24/7/365
And, of course, all backed by MerchantE's outstanding support so you can focus on what matters most — your customers.


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