MerchantE for Davisware's OnePay


Simplifying Payment Acceptance for Service Providers

MerchantE offers a complete solution that allows Davisware OnePay users to accept payments anywhere — in the office or using the Miura M020 mobile device — with unique capabilities not available with other payment acceptance providers.

All Major Credit and Debit Cards Plus ACH

Support ACH and all major credit, debit, and pre-paid cards

Miura M020 Mobile Device

Get paid faster in the field with secure mobile payments

Account Updater with Tokenization

Reduce declines and manual efforts associated with expired and replaced cards-on-file

Interchange Optimization

Reduce costs for corporate/purchase card transactions with Level 2/ Level 3 processing

PCI Scope Reduction

Improve security and reduce the burden of PCI compliance

Payment Experts

Consultation to help you save money and grow your business

24/7 Service

US-based, award-winning Customer Care team

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